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My name is Richard Connew and my love affair with Dachshunds started way back in 1967 when our family first got a miniature smooth black and tan dog called Tippy (on the right in the old picture below)

1970 saw the arrival of Katie, smooth mini black and tan bitch and a mini red Long haired dachshund called Debbie.

 Jolly a standard wirehaired came along in 1982.

I was in the forces based in Germany for a number of years so was unable to have a dog of my own as such until I left in 1991, got married and had a house of my own in 1993. Fen (Fenella) a mini Silver Dapple bitch came along in 1994 and remained with us until she died 16/4/07. I had planed to show and breed from Fen given it had been something I'd always wanted to do from owning Debbie a mini red long haired bitch in the 70's, but our own family coming along plus a long hours IT job often away from home largely prevented that.

The Kennel name "FENellaFLEUR" comes from the fact that I was finishing working in Germany at the time we found Fen (Silver Dapples were much harder to find then than they are now and it took a number of months) so was unable to see her physically so could only ask things over the phone although I did get a friend to do a video of her and post it out to me. On one occasion I asked what her Kennel name was and the breeder made a mistake and told me it was "BAYLEGATE FENELLA" so we shortened Fenella to Fen and that became her pet name. Later we learned the breeder had given us the wrong name as it was actually FLEUR. So when thinking about a kennel name a combination of Fen and Fleur seemed the perfect solution to always keep her memory alive. We missed Fen so much when she died that we went straight out to look for another Silver Dapple bitch and Belle came along June 07.

Given I now work for myself from home a lot of the time in Video Production with my own company NFD Productions I decided it was now or never to have a serious look at showing and breeding these wonderful little dogs and make my early dream from the 70's a reality. Belle took a third place in her first show and had her first litter 16/11/08 thus the beginnings of the FENellaFLEUR line and the dream from the 70's are now reality. My wife Alyson, daughter Lara and son Charlie all help out. We kept the only bitch from Belle's first Litter FENellaFLEUR "Velvet Brown" a Chocolate and Tan long haired dachshund and FENellaFLEUR "Elvis" a very promising Chocolate and Tan long haired dachshund pra clear dog from the same litter and have high hopes for the FENelleFLEUR line in the future. We are now specialising in chocolates and dapples ONLY and are producing some outstanding dogs both in colour/pattern and conformation. To learn more about our dogs please see the our dogs section.



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Dachshund Breed Council Course November 2009


FENellaFLEUR Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds