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  Animal Welfare VS Animal Rights

“ANIMAL RIGHTS” is a philosophical view that puts animals on the same moral plane as humans and rejects the use of animals for any reason whatsoever. Amongst the long-term goals of the Animal Rights movement are the total ban of all forms of commercial animal agriculture, medical or veterinary research, zoos (regardless of how well managed), the end of hunting, shooting, horse riding and racing, rodeos, show jumping, zoos, circuses, guide dogs for the blind, the keeping of pets, the production of silk, wool and honey and the abolition of fishing.

"ANIMAL WELFARE" concerns itself with preventing mistreatment and cruelty to animals. We don’t necessarily oppose the various forms of animal use (such as animal agriculture, medical research, sport and trophy hunting, animals in entertainment, etc.) as long as it isn’t cruel. Animal Welfare supporters might feel that eating meat is okay, as long as the animals were well treated during their lifetimes and that their deaths were as quick and painless as possible.

Animal Welfarists 'use animals' but try to do so in the most humane method possible. They try to modify animal-using practices to get the best possible conditions for, and treatment of, animals.

The ANIMAL RIGHTISTS don’t think people should be ‘using animals’ at all, no matter if it’s cruel or not.

Animal WELFARE is seen by some as the opposite of animal RIGHTS in that WELFARISTS seek to moderate animal using practices that Animal RIGHTS groups want to completely abolish.

On the whole animal charities do fantastic work so please don't feel I am against them because I'm not, I simply wish them to look at and review their current methods to make them more aware of everyone and everything involved before rushing to take it to court. A year ago a breeder who has helped me on on many occasions had her dogs taken by the RSPCA. This came as a surprise to me as I had always known her to spend every penny she had on her dogs. That set me looking into animal rights organisations such as Peta who openly advertise t-shirts with "Bite the Breeder" on them! Peta quotes when referring to animals "they are not ours to use – for food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation or any other reason" that includes as pets!

I also discovered many animal rights orientated people have silently become part of more acceptable animal organisations and this is changing the direction of organisations we have known and trusted without question for many years. The breeder concerned had her case dropped in the end because of lack of evidence in which case why did this go to court at all? Essentially she had some really old dogs some of which had bad teeth. How many old dogs do you know that don't have a few bad teeth and surely the correct course of action from the RSPCA should have been to help and guide in this issue, not seriously upset the dogs by taking them into care. When the dogs were returned a year later they were returned with various medications. Why after a year in apparently expert care did they still need further drugs? Were they not well looked after in that year away from their owner? The drugs were issued only a day before the dogs were returned to their owner which suggests that was the time a vet actually checked them out - why not earlier and on a regular basis? One dog 17 years old died shortly after returning home - he just waited to come home and get on his favourite sofa by the fire before he could die - how appallingly sad is that. No justification I know could ever justify what was done as quite simply it should never have gone to court. There are however sadly many many cases that do deserve everything that happens

BUT and this is the point I'm making, not all! My belief is the only fair way to deal with all cases concerning cruelty is that they should be passed by the crown prosecution service (as any other criminal action is) to ensure the case is worth while and in the public interest as the RSPCA have to do in Scotland. This does not currently happen in the UK so for example a vet who is animal rights orientated could very easily persuade the RSPCA to take it to court without anyone else looking into the details or there really being any real proof!

All animal rights people and much of the RSPCA are anti Kennel Club and pedigree dogs yet they make up only a tiny minority of the dogs in the UK but are still being held responsible by these people for it all. Much has been said about crossbreed dogs being better than pedigree dogs so look at this simply. If health problems are being bred out of pedigree dogs, crossbreed dogs are simply breeding it in. For example a Dachshund with PRA bred to a Alsatian with hip dysplasia would then produce a dog with both those genetic health problems instead of two breeds with only one. Only by selective breeding can these health issues be bred out and that is a fact rather than an emotional outburst from animal rights motivated people. Much work is being carried out to change breed standards to breed out health issues due to shape and this will continue until there are no issues left, but remember we got to this point in hundreds of years before anyone was even aware of health issues so it won't be so quick to undo.

Far too many people complain about bad and terrible breeders yet they buy from those very same breeders and then crow on social media to all their friends how good they are for rescuing another dog from such a terrible breeder that just happens to be, exactly the colour and type they were looking for. So how exactly is that morally right?

The Kennel Club is trying extremely hard with its assured breeders scheme to significantly raise the bar for dog breeding.

So please buy from breeders trying to actively improve matters not the back street one just because she has the colour you want. As of January 2014 assured breeders are inspected to UKAS certified standard once every three years simply because of cost and resources available. Personally I would welcome it once a year along with spot checks and that is where it will ultimately get to. It isn't perfect but its getting there and that needs to be encouraged. Buy from assured breeders only and you will soon put the others out of business as well as being guaranteed the assured breeders are doing everything to the very highest standards. Find an assured breeder who isn't and you can and should report them and have them removed!

We are so concerned at the way dogs are currently so easily taken from owners that we made a film to highlight just how easily! While the story of JAILHOUSE DOG is entirely fictional as are the characters it may surprise you to learn that the majority of the events concerning animals shown in the film although taken out of their original context are true as are many of the powers used. The gap between animal welfare and animal rights has over the last ten years or so quietly widened to the point where it is now a very worrying difference seriously impacting on peoples rights. We hope this film while for your entertainment primarily will also stimulate enthusiastic debate on just how much people's rights can or should be ignored and abused in favour of animal rights.

Please help us to get the message out and share this film far and wide as this issue is a world wide issue. To share move your mouse over the top right hand section of the video and you will see a paper aeroplane please click on this to share via facebook, twitter and email.



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