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"BELLE" 16/08/2013

"Belle's Life 2007 to 2013" On Friday the 16th of August 2013 Belle sadly left us. It was a very sudden event in that she caught an infection in her womb during a season. That unfortunately flared up so rapidly that her womb expanded and burst causing the infection to get to many of her internal organs. Despite emergency surgery her death followed very soon after. She was quite simply one hell of a dog full of life and energy and will be sorely missed. This video is to celebrate her life so she may never be forgotten more so as she always graved attention so do please ask others to view.

was our second Silver Dapple bitch that we got from a breeder in Bognor Regis (30/4/07 -  16/08/13) Unfortunately we couldn't find a bitch Silver Dapple any closer at the time - well worth the drive down from Yorkshire. Belle's parents were both Dapple (we didn't know at the time only finding out later that Mum was actually a cream dapple) and this is a potentially dangerous mating which can produce a few double dapples in the litter possibly with serious defects/deformities/dna issues. One Double Dapple parent will always produce Dapple puppies no matter what the other parent is. Given Belle produced NO Dapples in her first litter we can safely say 100% she is a normal single Dapple and therefore will pass NO dapple issues to any litters directly or indirectly. We consider ourselves extremely lucky and privileged to have Belle who has very much added her own very unique X factor to our line with FENellaFLEUR dogs being very much fit for life and fit for purpose -  here and here


Pedigree Certificate / PRA certificate


KC AH02953201


CHIP 985170000659783

Litters x 2

Miniature Long haired Dachshund puppies litter 16-11-08

Miniature Long haired Dachshund puppies litter 14-8-10

Belle Show Results

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Belle as a puppy, note her Red Dapple sister in the first photo.


Belle at 9 months. Note the Blue walleye often found in Dapples - in effect the dapple effect covered an eye.


All our dogs are treated as 100% part of the family and Belle is no exception - trying to get Charlie's pants and her first time in the snow.


First attempt at showing Belle




FENellaFLEUR Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds