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Feeding Dachshunds

There is a simple equation for most things - "garbage in garbage out!" - the same thing applies to Dachshund puppies in that if you feed them rubbish then they will grow up with all sorts of issues both physical and behavioural so please don't - always feed the best. This section is a quick guide to setting you off on the right foot with your new Dachshund Puppy and a quick view on feeding adults


1. Puppy foods we use that you can buy

We believe you should always feed your puppy the very best food you can afford at all times, to that end any puppy you get from us always comes with around a months supply of food of the same food that we use.

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We use have used the following successfully for puppies:

EUKANABA - Puppy & Junior Small Breed

IAMS - Puppy & Junior Small-Medium Breed Rich in Chicken

ROYAL CANIN - Mini Junior

And for adult dogs

ROYAL CANIN - Dachshund 28


For adults we normally mix in some of either and or fresh meat, chicken, pasta, eggs, with the dried food.

There are of course other reputable brands around that you can try. Initially as we give you a starter pack of the product we use; we recommend if at all possible that you stick with it particularly early on as it ensures some commonality for your new edition.


How long should I continue to feed puppy food?

It is very important that they have puppy food until at least around 10 months and better still as long as 12 months. If you donít it could cause growth and development problems.


2. Feeding

Lunch and Tea

The best way we find to prepare a puppies food is as follows:

  • Boil a kettle

  • Place dry food in bowl Ė just a small amount to start Ė check the pack for measurements but we find mini Dachshunds normally eat less than the pack says as they are so small.

  • Add hot boiling water to the dry food until it covers the food - allow to cool - 20 mins or so - as this happens the food will double it's size and become much softer.

  • At this stage they will sometimes eat it as it is and other times not - they get fussier as they get older - so we normally

  • Make up one egg into scrambled egg and add it to the food stirring it all together with some milk to cool it down to just warm and they love that.

  • Other food can be added and mixed in such as chicken, beef, pork etc all cut up very small and that will work fine too.

This meal should be given lunch and evening although as they grow (6 months plus) you can reduce to once a day normally evening.



  • Breakfast is normally scrambled egg mixed with preferably goats milk (but cows milk will do - it just isn't digested as easily) while they are so small but you can change this as they get bigger to normal food etc.

Click here for video on Feeding Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds scrambled egg


  •  A very few scraps from the table as a treat are fine to give however donít give them until he has eaten his meal first, other wise being a Dachshund heís quite prepared to almost starve until you give him what he now knows you eat instead of what you give him!



They must ALWAYS have some form of fluid available DAY AND NIGHT.

  • Puppies aren't all that keen on water initially so you need to give water and milk mixed - 33% milk the rest water - then over time (12 months or so) reduce it to just coloured water and then finally water. In very hot weather dilute it more than normal.

  • Milk is best if it's goats milk as that is more easily digestible by young puppies. Cows milk can also be used but if you have issues try switching to goats milk.


3. Other foods

Puppies will eat almost anything we will; however we would recommend sticking to the following and always cut up very small until they get bigger

  • Beef

  • Chicken

  • Turkey

  • Pork

  • Fish - almost any type but ensure there are no bones particularly when they are very young.

  • Pasta

  • Rice

  • Bones - NOT cooked chicken bones!


4. What not to feed your puppy

  • Processed foods

    There are rare types of processed foods that can be satisfactory for your dog, but altogether it should be well avoided. These canned foods have hardly any nutrition for your dog after all the processing it has gone through. The chemicals used in this type of food are not good for your dog's diet and the meat is of an extremely poor quality.

  • Cooked chicken bones

    If you think that feeding your dog cooked chicken bones with left over meat is fine, you're incorrect and should stop straight away. The cooked (not raw) bones are a serious choking hazard as they break and splinter easily, they can also cause mouth damage. Please note that it is only dangerous to feed your dog cooked bones, raw chicken bones are thought to be a very healthy addition to your dog's diet and can be recommended by many. Best bet just don't feed chicken bones full stop.

  • Chocolate

    Chocolate is extremely unhealthy for your dog, even if it's only used as a treat. It contains caffeine which is lethal for your dog's nervous system and heart. The sugar and sweeteners in chocolate are also not a healthy addition to your dog's diet. Buy the special safe dog chocolate available from pet stores. Dachshunds WILL go to extremes to get chocolate - DO NOT GIVE IN!

  • Sugar

    Very very bad and best avoided totally not least because it rots dogs teeth very badly and quickly.

  • Other Bad Foods

    Other bad foods to watch for consist of, citrus oil extracts, grapes, raisins, any rotten foods and mushrooms.



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