FENellaFLEUR Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds



"FEN" 13/04/2007

Was our first Silver Dapple bitch that we got from Bridlington in East Yorkshire (21/9/94 - 16/4/07)


Pedigree Certificate

Fen as a puppy, note her Chocolate Dapple Mum and how many dapples were in the litter.


Silver Dapples are still VERY hard to find, but in 1994 they were EXTREMELY hard to find and it took about 8 months to find Fen. Unfortunately I was working in Germany when we got a call to put us in touch with Fen's breeder so couldn't go to see the pups in person. Fortunately I had a friend who lived close by and he went round and did a video of the pups for us - this is that video.

Click HERE for Fen Puppy Video

Fen with the family over the years, her favourite place was to be on my shoulder ala Parrot!


Fen doing her own thing and wandering off as she always did. Always came bounding back when you whistled.


Fen enjoying her last Christmas and the next pictures regrettably were shortly before she died.


I had planed to both show Fen given her pedigree, and to have pups from her, regrettably largely down to our own kids appearing on the scene neither happened, something I regret to this day. She was the perfect pet/companion and never once complained. Our family was certainly richer for having had the honour of owning her and she is still very sorely missed!

The Kennel name "FENELLAFLEUR" comes from the fact that I was finishing working in Germany at the time we found Fen (Silver Dapples were much harder to find then than they are now and it took a number of months) so was unable to see her physically so could only ask things over the phone although I did get a friend to do a video of her and post it out to me. On one occasion I asked what her Kennel name was and the breeder made a mistake and told me it was "BAYLEGATE FENELLA" so we shortened Fenella to Fen and that became her pet name. Later we learned the breeder had given us the wrong name as it was actually FLEUR. So when thinking about a kennel name a combination of Fen and Fleur seemed the perfect solution to always keep her memory alive.

Lastly a short video clip I did of Fen on my mobile phone

Click HERE for Fen Video



FENellaFLEUR Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds