FENellaFLEUR Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds



Golden Book

Given perhaps the often highly subjective way that judging dogs can often be, many exhibitors have their own mental little black books where they keep a note of judges who they think don't perhaps fully appreciate the finer points of their dogs, judge the owner on the end of the lead as opposed to the dog, make bad judgements, political judgements, no real understanding of the Dachshund breed standard, mistakes etc etc and thus who they will not show under again. This essentially results in a voting with your feet system thus a low turnout can often indicate an unpopular judge.

So on a more positive note here is our Golden Book. If you are new to showing then it's extremely important to be 100% happy that the judge who is judging you first time out is going to be as fair, honest, above board and "MOST IMPORTANTLY" friendly to new exhibitors. That way you can be sure if you come last then that was an honest last place and wasn't for any other reason and on the reverse of that, if your dog is good enough it gets fairly placed regardless of well known personalities/dogs in the ring. The judges below we have found in our own showing experience to have these qualities, thus we would highly recommend you going under them at shows. Hopefully this will help others new to the Dachshund world in identifying the really outstanding judges. There is no science to this just our own and those of people we know personal show experiences and nor is this list official in any way implied or otherwise. We will add to this list as we come across more excellent judges of which we hasten to add there are many more out there, we just haven't shown under them yet. Please note for fairness we have excluded any judges we knew well personally before the show. Sadly 2010 didn't find any more Judges to add. 2011 so far is looking more positive.


  STATUS - Shows entered 20 - 5 Judges recommended  

Bath Canine Society Championship Show 25-5-09


Mr Ian J Seath

Sunsong Dachshunds



Leeds 25-7-09

Mrs Patricia M Wells

2009 Darlington 18-9-09

Mrs Patricia J Dalgety-Rodger

2011 Dachshund Club Open Show 26-2-11


Mr D Walsh



2011 Blackpool 25-6-11

Ms Carolyne M Scott

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FENellaFLEUR Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds





Judges we have been under so far: Miss E H Geeson, Mr Ian J Seath, Dr Karen E Humphries, Mrs Patricia M Wells, Mrs E Cooper, Mrs J A Breese, Mrs Patricia J Dalgety-Rodger, Mr Mark Cocozza, Mrs P Barber,