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Showing Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds

Showing any thing is always going to be a subjective experience and showing miniature long haired Dachshunds is no exception. My advice to anyone wanting to try showing is to go ahead it can be great fun, anyone can EASILY enter online for almost any major show.

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SHOW Video's

We video most of the shows we do so to get an idea of what it's like take a look at them under general updates on FENellaFLEUR TV.

To watch FENellaFLEUR TV - please click on the TV FENellaFLEUR TV


For main Championship shows either and or both of these two organisations can help you do that online.

Dog.biz the online entry community

Fosse Data on line entry

Smaller open shows still need to be done by post and you will need to write to the organisers requesting an entry form and schedule.


What will my dog be judged on?

What your Miniature Long Haired Dachshund should ideally look like is defined by the  KC/Breed council standard

Click here for UK Breed Standard or here for an easy Quick reference to the Breed Standard for MLH's

This is what the Judges should be looking for. Remember though no dog can ever be100% perfect particularly when set against man made ideals.

Weight - Also see Size ZERO Miniature Dachshunds

In miniature Dachshunds they are defined as being miniature by being a maximum of 11lbs. Dogs that go over this will be penalised. Please NOTE a dog that goes over 11lbs is NOT overweight! This is  man made restriction for the purpose of identifying a miniature Dachshund and has nothing to do with obesity. Generally most Bitch's will be easily under the 11lbs while the majority of Dogs are likely to be very close/over. Please note it is still possible to be well placed despite being over the 11lbs as judges are instructed to penalise under weight/thin deliberately food restricted dogs even more.


Movement is a very important part as Judges will watch for how the dog walks. You may have to walk slower or faster to show your dog off to best effect. Try to avoid the dog sniffing the ground where possible, ideally his head should be up all the time.


Soft and straight, or only slightly waved; longest under neck, on under parts of body and behind legs where it forms abundant feathering, on tail where it forms a flag. Outside of ears well feathered. Coat flat and not obscuring outline.

As for Humans there are many products on the market for different types of hair/coat so we suggest you go and talk to the hair/coat product suppliers/traders you find at the various Dog shows to see what's best for your Dog.

How ever as a starting point we use as an aid to coat growth initially and for a bitch after pups Click here for Canine Sho-Glo

And for hair/coat care we use Click here for Shampoo - Vital Prof Shampoo as a product designed for long haired dogs.


Too much hair on feet is undesirable so they need to be trimmed. Click here for Video on Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds Trimming paw hair



In a CHAMPIONSHIP show any dog that comes 1st 2nd or 3rd qualifies to enter Crufts. 4th position is called Reserve with 5th being called VHC (Very Highly Commended). In addition to normal placing's all the 1st place winners go in a series of head to heads to narrow down to a single over all winning dog/bitch which is normally awarded a CC (CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE) often called a ticket. There are depending on the show various other combinations of awards such as Best Dog, Best Bitch, Best Puppy and Best of Breed.

In OPEN non CHAMPIONSHIP shows it's for the various awards on offer that day only and does not qualify for Crufts.

Different Judges while all working from the same set of standards do award differently so it is not that unusual to get a 1st in one show and then the week after to be beaten by dogs you beat when you got the 1st. It is also not unusual to be well placed by nearly all judges but then suddenly to be not placed at all!



The good the bad and the ugly.


Most breeders will go a long way out of their way to help and assist newcomers and you will almost certainly meet lots of new friends and have a fun day out.


If you have bought your dog from someone else and are not the breeder there is on odd occasions' an undertone that might suggest you are not perhaps considered as important as a breeder given it's perceived you won't stick around. Don't let them beat you, stick it out it's very well worth it! It's amazing how quickly people forget that they too once started out from one dog bought from someone else too.


Some people quite frankly have nothing better to do than to spread rumours about other breeders. Regrettably many others simply pass this on with out ever questioning the validity of what they have been told. Thanks to a friend letting me know I found out recently one very nice group of breeders thought it was very clever to spread a rumour I was breeding dapples to dapples - one quick look at my web site would have disproven that in a split second. Just goes to show how bright these sort of people are! Avoid them at all costs.



If you decide to show, ensure your mind set is very much that this is going to be a really enjoyable day out for me and my dog first and foremost and never ever let any unpleasant undertones spoil your and your dogs day! If we can help with advice and or put you in touch with someone better qualified to help please just let us know.



FENellaFLEUR Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds