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Miniature Long Haired Dachshund Puppies for Sale

Dachshund Puppies For Sale

"A dachshund warms your lap, your heart, brings joy and laughter into your life, and will always be right by your side"

We only breed when we want another dog ourselves so the few we let go are always of the very highest standard with no expense spared for care, DNA PRA testing, health checks, selective breeding, all extremely well socialised from an early age. Health and fit for life and purpose, not quantity are our primary concerns. We generally price around 800 for Black and Tan's and from 975 for Chocolates and Dapples with bitches being quite a bit more expensive. Dapples are quite simply more expensive because as you can no longer mate dapple to dapple (KC registration rules changed 1/1/10), double the amount of dogs are needed to be kept/or used to produce dapples. A dapple dog and bitch (2) now has to be a dapple dog with another colour bitch and a dapple bitch with another colour dog (4).  Also only around 50% or much more frequently less of the pups in each litter will actually be dapples when one dog is not a dapple. See dapple chart HERE. Beware of buying from puppy farmers and back street breeders as it will often equal very expensive to keep later, along with all sorts of unpleasant behavioural problems some puppies will have when kept in poor conditions and not raised correctly.

Litter born 12-6-12


Silver Double Dapple

Silver Double Dapple Chocolate Double Dapple Chocolate Dapple Silver Dapple

BARNEY - Silver Double Dapple - Click HERE for larger picture

WILMA - Silver Double Dapple - Click HERE for larger picture

BETTY - Chocolate Double Dapple - Click HERE for larger picture

PEBBLES - Chocolate Dapple - Click HERE for larger picture

FRED - Silver Dapple - Click HERE for larger picture



Update 18-8-12

Just over 8 weeks old and the last one!


Update 5-8-12

Just over 7 weeks old and full of life!

Litter Update 22-7-12

Just over 5 weeks old and just about running, albeit somewhat wobbly with the odd tumble!

See Video Update HERE

Litter Update 4-7-12

All appear to be fine and are now taking soft solids.

See Video Update HERE


Litter Update 4-7-12

All now have eyes open and are very active at just over three weeks.


Litter Update 26-6-12

See Video Update HERE


Litter Update 20-6-12

Litter Update 15-6-12

We have always prided ourselves on being 100% above board and straight and as part of that honesty unlike others who have on very rare occasions had the odd double dapple pup kept it all behind closed doors and secret we are being totally open and transparent about it. The litter born on 12-6-12 in our eyes should not have been born until around 19/21st June as the chocolate dog (PRA Clear) mated with a chocolate dapple (PRA Carrier) on three occasions around April 16 - 20 was not due until then and should have been a litter of chocolates and chocolate dapples only!

What turned up was:

Chocolate Dapple Bitch

Silver Dapple Dog

Chocolate Double Dapple Bitch*

Silver Double Dapple Bitch*

Silver Double Dapple Dog*

This from a genetics point of view is impossible so on further investigation we have concluded 100% that our silver dapple dog (PRA Clear) must have mated with our chocolate dapple when we were away on holiday and some of our dogs were in kennels as we could only take a limited number of dogs to the camp site we were on. The kennels assure me they were separate all the time but logically it must have happened then given that was the week beginning April 9th which ties in numbers wise with when they were born on 12-6-12 plus the only possible explanation for the colours in the litter. He was also the only dog left in kennels and there were no other dapple dogs at that time. The mating from an interbreeding relations point of view is fine no conflict and from a PRA point of view is also fine in that there will be no affected puppies. How ever a Dapple to Dapple mating as of the 1st of Jan 2010 is no longer recognised by KC for inclusion in the main register. How ever the KC does have an additional register for such dogs and as such they will be registered on the KC Companion Dog Register. They WILL ALSO STILL BE COVERED under the KC accredited breeder scheme!

The Chocolate Dapple Bitch and Silver Dapple dog are 100% and as such there are no health issues with them.

*The double dapple puppies do have a low risk of being born blind and or deaf and as such until they are a bit older and we get specialists to check them out there is a health question mark over them. If any of them do have any sight or hearing issues we will keep them as our own. Those that do not have issues we will let go to selected pet homes ONLY. Please note they can't be registered on the main register or shown in the UK with the KC. How ever the KC does have an additional register for such dogs and as such they will be registered on the KC Companion Dog Register which does allow them to shown in Companion Dog Shows. As these are rare with most people having never seen one before or ever likely to we invite those interested in owning one of these truly stunning dogs to contact us to register their interest pending the outcome of medical tests. Double Dapples have prominent white markings in addition to the normal dapple markings. For more information on Double Dapples please see Double Dapples in the menu.


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See what current/past owners of our puppies had to say:

"I have never met a more conscientious and knowledgeable breeder as Richard at FENellaFLEUR"

"I would commend him as one of the best breeders in this country to anyone"

"his breeding and rearing methods outstanding and the love and care he and his wife give to their dogs and puppies unsurpassed"

"what a privilege it is, and has been to buy my pup from such a magnificent and caring breeder I cannot thank you enough. I hope in time to buy a friend for Mylo and hope that when that time comes you will still be keeping up the sterling work!"

"He is a very very happy dog and a very big part of our family"

"Definitely settled and my god what a livewire he is absolutely hilarious!"

We often get updates and news from owners of our puppies along with photo's etc please click here to see


FENellaFLEUR Puppy Sale Conditions

Reserve a Puppy

A non refundable deposit of 300 secures a puppy. BUT we will only accept it once you have seen the puppies and we have seen you. In the first instance we will reserve the dog for you for one week on request, if you haven't visited and placed a deposit within the week we will release the dog to the next person on the list etc. We require all new owners to collect within 1 day from the date we give you or reserve the right to charge additional kennel fees of 50 per day. We love our dogs and it's extremely important to us that they go to good homes so we would like to meet you in person before we will accept a deposit from you. Please note we reserve the right not to sell a puppy if we feel a prospective owner would not be able to give all it requires and we will ask you to sign a contract to say you will care for the puppy and always do your very best for it - no contract signed - NO SALE! We will under no circumstances ever sell a puppy if we have any indication at all no matter how slim that you intend to have multiple litters from them and or you may be buying for commercial interests. We will always use what ever means are at our disposal to check you out to the best of our ability before letting you have a puppy. We will also expect you to agree to abide by the same code of ethics we do Click here


Collecting your puppy

We always provide comprehensive advice on the day you collect your puppy and this advice is constantly updated on our web site as and when new information becomes available so we advise you to always check back frequently and or contact us for updates particularly if you have moved since you bought the puppy as we may then have no way of contacting you direct. For us this is a very personal experience as each little puppy is very much a member of our family. Please remember to bring a suitable crate/dog box etc for getting your puppy home - see video Click Here


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Puppy Pack

  • PRA testing list to prove parents - All PRA DNA checked/tested parents. We DO NOT produce or sell affected PRA dogs EVER!
  • KC Companion Dog Registered (This was an accidental mating and as such no Main Register KC document is available)
  • KC Accredited Breeder pack
  • Pedigree 5 Generation
  • Vet Checked
  • Wormed
  • 1st Vaccination
  • Diet sheet
  • Care sheet
  • Health sheet
  • Sample of the food we use
  • Lifetime advice and help with regular web site updates as and when important breed care information changes
  • Guarantee to take the dog back and OR to help/assist re-homing it if you can no longer look after it or it doesn't work out.



We are based in South Milford, LS25, North Yorkshire, UK to the east of Leeds and very close to the A1 Selby/Leeds A63 turn off.



FENellaFLEUR Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds