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FENellaFLEUR Puppies

Puppies from the FENellaFLEUR line have gone all over the country from North to South, East to West and even exported to ITALY. From time to time some of their new owners send us pictures and updates so this page is dedicated to them.

  Jane Eyre 27/10/10 - 11.15hrs (5.3oz @ birth) -      

Now with Helen in Cheshire and called Ruby. "Quote"

Jane/Ruby update 31/12/10


  Lady Penelope 27/10/10 - 11.15hrs (5.3oz @ birth) -      

Now living with Becky in Nottingham and called Autumn. "she's settled in well and she seems very happy"

Penny/Autumn update 22/1/11

Penny/Autumn update 9/1/11

Penny/Autumn update 24/12/10


Hi Ho Silver 14/08/10 - 16.35hrs (6.5oz @ birth) -      

Now living with Nicola in Peterbourgh and called Max. "Max is the most wonderful little dog. We all love him and he seems very happy and settled"


  Cleopatra 14/08/10 - 13.43hrs (5.3oz @ birth) -      

Now living with Laura in ITALY and called Cleo. "she is really smart, clever and "fat" like a peluche we love her"

See www.labandia.com for Laura's other dogs.

Cleo update 22/1/11

Cleo update 9/12/10

Cleo update 4/12/10


 Mary Poppins 14/08/10 - 09.25hrs (6oz @ birth) -      

Now living with Jo in Bristol and called Beanie. "She has settled in really well, and has a lovely personality. A perfect puppy"

Mary/Beanie update 8/11/10


Mark Anthony 14/08/10 - 14.45hrs (6.5oz @ birth) -      

Now living with Jane in Scotland and called MA/Leo. "JUST TO SAY A HUGE THANK YOU WONDERFUL to meet you...... MA is JUST STUNNING I ADORE HIM !!!!!"

MA/Leo update 10/11/10


Boris Karloff 16/11/08 - 21.05hrs (6oz @ birth) -      

Now living with Claire in Torquay on the south coast and called Boris. "Definitely settled and my god what a livewire he is absolutely hilarious!"





Boris Video's

Click here for Boris and the red jumper!

Boris update 30/09/09



Velvet Prince 16/11/08 - 22.55hrs (7oz @ birth) -    

Now living with Monique in Glasgow Scotland and called Mylo. "So far, so good - he's the best additional to our 'pack' we could have asked for..."

Mylo (Prince) update 13/03/09


Mylo (Prince) update 5/05/09


Mylo (Prince) update 30/09/09

Just been on the web site for a wee look at what's new. It's been some time since I've checked out the site and I cannot tell you how hard I laughed at the Fenella Fleur TV when the dogs were running up the side of the paddling pool and launching themselves into the water - I was in hysterics. I thought that Mylo's (Prince's) daft antics were particular to him, but it would appear that the breed in general are bonkers!. I also loved seeing their development over the first 8/9 weeks, what a privilege it is, and has been to buy my pup from such a magnificent and caring breeder I cannot thank you enough. I hope in time to buy a friend for Mylo and hope that when that time comes you will still be keeping up the sterling work!

Mylo (Prince) update 17/12/09



El Cid 17.15hrs (6.5oz @ birth) -      

Now living with Nicki, Michael, Natalie and Chad in the NE and called Cyd. "He is a very happy dog and a very big part of our family"

Cyd update 8/05/09





FENellaFLEUR Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds